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Indian Tandoori On May - 27 - 2010

Plain Rice flavored with spices, seasonings, nuts, seeds, yogurt and coconut – Rice is the staple food in southern, central and eastern parts of India and when eaten at an Indian meal forms the major part of the meal. Biryani, biriani, or beriani is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. Local variants of this dish are not only popular in South Asia but also in Arabia and within various South Asian communities in Western countries.


**Fragrant Basmati rice baked with the choice of: Vegetable I Chicken l Lamb I Shrimp**
Vegetable Biryani ………. 11.99
Chicken Biryani ………. 13.99
Lamb Biryani ………. 14.99
Shrimp Biryani ………. 14.49

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